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Pokemon Trading Card Game MGG Remix is a fan video game. It's PC remake of the GB game with a real graphic interface, soundtracks from the demo test video game, a smart IA and Network Mode. The Player can use his keyboard or the mouse to click for select actions or drag and drop cards. The idea is to offer people the same sensations of the original paper card game but simplify things like to make a deck, mix a deck or give the opportunity to play alone or with someone over the internet. The Game contains 4 editions and 265 cards now. My goal is to add more in the future. I took a particular attention to program the IA because I wanted to give a fun game experience. The IA can use and play with all the cards. Now a lot of features are available like trainers and special pokemon powers.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game MGG Remix is created by MGG and is copyright with MGG.
Pokemon is copyright by NINTENDO, CREATIVES and GAME FREAKS. MGG is not affiliated with NINTENDO, CREATIVES or GAME FREAKS.